900Days of Retention

  • 14 Day/14GB Free Trial
  • 900+ Days Binary Retention
  • 1400+ Days Text Retention
  • 99%+ Article Completion
  • Up to 55 Connections
  • Free Headers
  • 107,427+ Uncensored Newsgroups
  • US and European Servers
  • Unlimited accounts: YES!
  • Uncapped accounts: YES!
  • Block accounts: YES!
  • 256 bit SSL Encryption: YES!


Multiple 10• gigabit fiber backbone connections in the US and Europe and direct connections to many broadband ISP providers gives you the fastest  possible access to our servers with the lowest number of hops and extremely low latency.


256-bit SSL Encryption available on all connections keeps your browsing secure and private. We never share your information with outside parties or track your usage unless required by law.


Newsrazor has been in the Usenet  Business since 2006 and those years of experience have helped us create one of the most reliable and fast usenet server infrastructures in the industry.